Review: Ines Rosales Tortas

6 05 2008

We discovered these amazing sweet olive oil tortas at the Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop and we buy them whenever we have guests. A woman named Ines Rosales started to make these delicate wafer-thin flatbreads in 1910 and sold them in her native town of Seville, Spain. Today, the tortas are still hand made using this 100-year-old recipe and it certainly shows in the quality and uniqueness of the product. Each torta is individually wrapped in waxed paper and then sealed in plastic to lock in the freshness. Made with olive oil and a touch of anise, these sweet pastries go well with a variety of cheeses, or by themselves with a cup of coffee or glass of dry red wine. We recently served them with Bucheron goat cheese and olives. You can purchase Ines Rosales tortas all around the country, as well as other imported products, such as cheeses, dips, and biscuits, from the Massachusetts-based Mt. Vikos company. There are six tortas in a tray, and where we buy them they cost around $5.00.




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8 05 2008

You have another blog! How could I not have known this! I will have to keep up with this one now too!


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