The Green Truck

17 06 2008

There is a new phenomenon in North Philadelphia: The Green Truck, a lunch truck that serves organic, local, inexpensive, and delicious fast food. I recently went for lunch with some coworkers and was so pleasantly surprised with the service, quality, and price of the food that comes out of this truck parked out side of the student center at 13th and Montgomery Aves.

The concept originated between a veteran truck owner whose business was stalling and a Fox business student, and since they teamed up, business has been booming for The Green Truck.

The menu is extensive and affordable. For lunch, you can get a combo meal for $4.50 that includes a pita sandwich, side of sweet potato fries, and an iced green tea. I got the hummus pita and I really felt like I was eating herbs and veggies from my own back yard. It was bursting with flavor–a little messy, but only with balsamic vinegar, not oil–and the combinations of sweet, savory, and salty, went perfectly together.

I thought that the sweet potato fries were just a tad bit soggy, but I really enjoyed the break in monatony from the typical greasy side of fries (usually in a styrofoam container) that comes with most lunch combos at other trucks.

The iced green tea was refreshing and not too bitter. I’m pretty sure they added just a touch of sweetener to it, which I don’t usually like in my tea, but it was so small that it was barely noticeable.

Click here to read more about The Green Truck and how it is eliminating the carbon footprints that come from North Philadelphia.




5 responses

18 06 2008

Mmm… that looks good! I’ve been meaning to bring some green tea bags to work so I can make my own iced green tea – hopefully I won’t forget tomorrow

18 06 2008

Homemade iced tea is so great–I make a lot of homemade mint tea.

29 06 2008
Prof. Good Food

Just ate the damn best food on Temple’s Campus. Not the typical hamburg and roach fare , but healthly organic treats that I recommend evrybody give a try. Best food I’ve had on campus in 20 years. This is a student inspired idea for those who were tired of eating the same old tired bland food day in and day out.
Keep up the good work maybe you can reach somebody and improve their health. All the luck in the world

27 07 2008

Does anyone havea list of menu items and prices for this truck? thanks!

13 10 2011

I don’t eat anywhere else.

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