Review: John & Kiras

9 07 2008

John & Kiras is a local company that produces high quality gourmet chocolates and also contributes to philanthropic projects. They are famous for their Garden Mint flavor, which is made with fresh mint that is grown by a local Philadelphia elementary school. Garden Mint is my personal favorite, and whenever I taste their mint chocolate pieces, I can taste the fresh, sweet, and clean flavors. The fact that the mint is grown and purchased from a local school makes me feel less guilty about eating it!

Other flavors from John & Kiras include Raspberry, Honey Lavender, and Pistachi-Oh! Every one of the chocolate flavors that comes out of this company perfectly showcases the main ingredient. The textures are perfect–a bit truffle-like but firm, and the chocolate has a creamy but tart quality to it (more European than American). Each flavor has its own specific design on the top of the piece, so you know which flavor you’ll be trying!

You can purchase John & Kiras chocolates directly from their website, and they often have seasonal specials. The most unique aspect of this chocolate producer is their conscious effort to give back to the local community in as many ways as possible. They are also reaching out to other urban communities to continue their Project Mintpatch.




3 responses

13 07 2008

We bought the “ladybug” candy for our son’s wedding last September. They were a big hit. They really are the best. When I called about the choices, I was concerned about some of the flavors being a little unusual for some of the older people. However, they were all good. I’m hoping that someone will buy me a box of John and Kira’s sometime!

13 07 2008

Thanks for your comment, Larraine! They are great wedding favors. I hope someone buys you a box soon!

15 07 2008

MmMmm….I need some chocolate in my life!

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