The Queens Arms, Kensington, London

5 09 2008

The Queens Arms pub is a hidden gem. Off of a side street in Kensington, London, it is a cozy nook to slip into at lunch or when it starts to pour. Today I tried the Queens Arms and got the fish sticks bap. So wrong, but so right. Four perfectly fried fish sticks piled onto a bun with tartar sauce. That’s it, that’s all she wrote. But it was heaven for around 5 GBP ($10–not such a deal in the U.S.). Add vinegar and you’re golden. The beer selection was most impressive, and reasonable. Pints started at around 2.75 GBP and went up to around 6. I got the London Pale Ale (award winning!) for around 4 GBP. Tasty and hit the spot. I may have to go back and sample their Shepherd’s Pie tomorrow.



2 responses

14 09 2008
Adina Katz

Did you ever try the Shepherd’s Pie? Mmm, I love that stuff. There is a place called Family Wash in Nashville where they have pint & pie night…you get a pint of beer and a shepherd’s pie for $12.

14 09 2008

I went to the pub down the street for the S. Pie. I was not disappointed! I think it was around 8 GBP for the pie and 4 for the pint so overall twice as much!

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