Karintou: tastes better than it looks. Much better.

2 02 2009

karintouOne of my favorite Japanese snacks is karintou. The appearance of this sweet wheat cracker is a bit shocking but once you get over what you think it is and take a bite, it won’t even matter.

Basically empty delicious calories, karintou is made with brown sugar, wheat flour, honey, and caramel, among other ingredients. What a simple concept! The outside is crunchy and caramalized but each piece is deceivingly light and airy.


You can find karintou at many Asian food markets and grocery stores, so be adventurous and try some soon.



3 responses

3 02 2009

Yeah…not a fan of the poo crackers. More for you!

3 02 2009
Adina Katz

Umm…I’ll TRY it, but I’m not going to go out and buy a bag. Take a picture of the inside so I can see what that looks like! Besides the fact that they look like logs of poo, they also appear very burnt. Oh Japanese people, with your weird tasty snacks!

15 09 2009

i love those the teture the crunch the taste all soso good!!!!! 🙂

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