Newbold I.P.A.: Beer review

30 03 2009

newboldWe bought a case of the variety pack from Philadelphia Brewing Company and I love the labels (and the beers). The Newbold I.P.A. is my kind of beer–the taste of the hops is strong but not overwhelming. The label is very diner/50s/Jones-y/South Philly (Newbold is a neighborhood in South Philly).

Philadelphia Brewing Company
Newbold IPA, 6.5% alcohol
Color: amber, clear
Carbonation: average
Smell: not strong, hoppy, a bit sour
Taste: hoppy, thin, bitter
Goes well with: smoky meats and strong cheeses

“Rekindle your passion for your favorite Philadelphia brewery by enjoying our substantial, aromatic India Pale Ale. Newbold is aggressively hopped, with a crimson hue and depth of flavor that will satisfy the most demanding devotee of this revived style.  Newbold I.P.A. tells it like it is.”




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