Sang Kee Peking Duck House

5 04 2009

Sang Kee Peking Duck House in Chinatown, Philadelphia, is famous for their Peking Duck, obviously.  After attending the Asian Arts Initiative Open House, Matt and I decided to check it out on a whim.

sang kee


This was a great deal–basically four courses for two people:

The restaurant is fairly large and is very clean and bright for Chinatown. The windows along the wall have amazing views of the city. Large parties are easily accommodated.



tsing tao

The won ton vegetable soup was delicious. The mushrooms and greens were delicately flavored and the won tons were actually filled with a shrimp mixture and were tender and not too “fishy.”



I have never eaten duck as a make-your-own pancake dish. Crispy skin and tender meat + soft and warm “pancake” + mystery sauce=yum.




duck pancake

duck pancake

Just when I was about to say “I’m full,” Matt told me I wasn’t allowed to until I tasted everything. Next up was shredded duck with greens. I’m not sure if I would call this duck “shredded” but I didn’t really care because it was so tasty.

duck salad

The fried rice was a bit dry, but the duck was in it so I didn’t really care about that either. I don’t think it needed the shrimp, necessarily, and a couple of the pieces still had some shell left on them, but I was so full at this point that I didn’t care.

fried rice

I didn’t get the empty aquarium until I saw the ducks:


I would go back to Sang Kee and try more of their duck dishes because it made everything taste good. Thumbs up to duck.




6 responses

5 04 2009
Adina Katz

Oh my god, YUM. This place looks like my dream meal. I love peking duck. The sauce is Hoisin Sauce. It is plummy and delicious.

I must go there. Great review!

5 04 2009

Thank you oh culinary wise one! Let’s all go the next time you come to Philly.

5 04 2009

I can’t believe you’d never had Peking duck before! I like it best with little steamed folding buns instead of the thin mushu-style pancakes. I think you would, too. 🙂

5 04 2009

There are some crappy iPhone pictures of what I’m talking about here.

5 04 2009

There was always something on the menu that I wanted a little bit more than the duck! Sometimes I need to be strongly persuaded into something. But now I am a bit obsessed.

6 04 2009

Steamed folding buns?!?!?! Why haven’t I had those? I gotta get my hands on some.

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