Morimoto Macarons

10 04 2009

Morimoto macarons are so good that they deserve their own post so while Matt and I are working on Sake Fest reviews, I thought I would give you this teaser. Morimoto restaurant in Philadelphia provided these macarons (not to be confused with “macaroons,” which are the cookies made with coconut) at the Fest and it was single-handedly the best dessert I have ever tasted (from a restaurant).


The flavors were sakura (cherry blossom), green tea, and Calpis (a fizzy yogurt drink). The outside was light and airy, slightly crunchy, thin, and gave just slightly when you bit into it, making way for the slightly chewy second layer, until finally you got to the almost creamy and icing-like center that contained most of the flavor.  To get the details on what macarons are actually made of, click here.

The slightly mysterious side to these delectable munchies is that they aren’t on the regular Morimoto menu and I can’t find any reference to these particular flavors on the internet.  When I emailed Morimoto to ask them about these cookies, I got no answer. Hmmmm. If anyone has any idea of where I can find more information, or better yet, buy these macarons, please let me know!


Morimoto in New York serves kabocha macarons, according to Page Six magazine and Lee-Sean had coconut-flavored macarons at his omakase dinner there.  The mystery continues.




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10 04 2009

If you are into macarons, I also recommend checking out the ones at Bouley Bakery in Tribeca and at La Maison du Chocolat on Wall Street or at Rockefeller Center.

10 04 2009

Thanks Lee-Sean. I’m hoping that I can find somewhere in Philadelphia, too!

10 04 2009

Me wants.

30 04 2009
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[…] Then there were the Morimoto macarons.  I’ve already professed my love (click here). […]

16 08 2012

If your close to Philadelphia/New Hope area you have to check the macarons at The Painted Truffle in Stockton, NJ (19 Bridge St.) The chef Tom Sciascia makes amazing macarons. Has about 12 or so varieties and the are crazy insanely good. Been to Paris and his are the real deal. Some locals say his are better. They are. Check out the sea salted caramel, nutella, and triple vanilla bean. This dude’s got it goin’ on…blows any Philly macaron off the charts

16 08 2012

Thanks, Lou! I’ll definitely try them.

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