Adobe Cafe

22 04 2009

Matt and I discovered Adobe Cafe in South Philly while driving home in a torrential downpour from Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies Game (and Dollar Dog Night) had just been canceled and we were sad. So on a whim we stopped in for some Mexican–my favorite.



This restaurant was dark. Scary dark. Matt said no restaurant should be that dark because it makes him wary of the food.  OK, I’ll buy that for a dollar.  But I still wanted my Mexican.  There were no napkins or silverware on the table and did not come until our food did, although we were sitting in the bar so I will forgive them this time. The special of the evening was a $35 two entree and pitcher of margarita deal. We pounced on it. We were waited on in 20 minutes and we ordered from a limited menu (about ten entree choices) and got our pitcher and free chips and salsa.



The margaritas, surprisingly, were easy on the mix but not too heavy on the tequila. A perfect strength for a Monday night. The chips weren’t exactly fresh, but the fine mix of tomato and spices made the salsa irresistable and addicting.

We didn’t get a great shot of Matt’s Carne Asada but that’s ok because it was my least favorite part of the menu. The meat was a bit tough and it was missing my favorite ingredient: cheese.


My beef chimichanga was delicious. The tortilla was firm and the inside moist and melty. The accompanying salsa verde, roasted tomato salsa, and guacamole were contrastingly creamy and spicy. The Spanish rice got a bit lost in the mix but Matt begged me to save some (this would be his lunch tomorrow) because it further offset the spiciness of the rest of the plate.

I then told him that I probably gave him a bite with some of these sauces I added:

hot sauce



Right now I am thinking about this dish. One of the teams won on “The Chopping Block” (it’s on hulu, OK?) because the food critic judging them woke up thinking about the dinner the team prepared for her the night before. That’s what’s happening to me. This chimichanga is haunting me.


Overall this was a fun and yummy experience. I want to go back. Our total bill excluding tax and tip was $35, per the special. On a regular night, the entrees plus pitcher would have totaled $48. Great deal! Thanks for perking up our soggy and disappointing evening, Adobe!

Click here for South Philly Fashionista’s review on Adobe cafe–it will give you a more well-rounded opinion of this restaurant.




2 responses

22 04 2009

i love adobe! especially their chimichangas

23 04 2009

I applaud you for trying a restaurant on a whim! 🙂

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