Keswick Tavern

24 04 2009

Quicky on the Keswick Tavern (or “KT” as the locals call it).  I used to frequent this bar whenever I came home for holidays in my mid-late 20s.  I hadn’t been back in about 4 years (this seems to be a phase with me right now–see my Oscar’s post below) and I remembered it much differently. Without the wall-to-wall drunk people that usually cram themselves in on weekends, it was run-down, dingy, and slightly depressing.  This was the view from my table.  I was waiting for people (isn’t that sad–me alone with my beer? I caught the last 15 minutes of Happy Hour and had to order a $1.50 beer).   keswick

I thought everything was overpriced.  Here is the complete menu

My mac n cheese obsession continues.  These were the Macaroni Cheese Wedges with thousand island chipotle sauce.  They were actually quite amazing.  Lightly fried, not too much batter.  The mac was in tact and not to mushy.  The cheese was melty and delicious.  It was all I needed from this place.  I was in my own little perfect world while I ate these.macncheese

The camera on my iPhone does not like taking pictures–especially closeups.  I will just have to go back and order these again so I can get a proper photo to show you.  Or you can run in, eat some yourself, and then run out.macncheese

 The KT could be a fun place to hang out.  They just have to lower their prices and get more than one bartender.  By the end of the evening there were about 30 people around the bar, and the bartender was splitting his time between pouring drinks, getting food from the kitchen, and watching the Flyers game.  Now that’s just not right. 

Check yelp for more reviews.



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