6 05 2009

I am determined to name my first born child Matyson.  Do people usually name their children after restaurants, or is that a little weird?

A colleague was in town tonight so Matt, colleague, and I chose Matyson because of this week’s Cinco de Mayo tasting menu (5 courses, $45):


Course #1: Margarita Cured Diver Scallops, avocado, mango, salsa verde, guajillo oil
These were melt-in-your-mouth delish.  Everything.  And the menu failed to mention the non-fail popcorn on top–a huge hit with us open-minded types!course 1

Course #2: Tostadas Al Pastor: Smoked pork shoulder, roasted pineapple, pickled red onion & jalapeño, cilantro crema

I forgot that this was pork–it almost tasted like a game foul because it was so tender.  The menu descriptions really do not fully portray the complex flavors in every course.  This one was crunchy, tender, smoky, meaty, fresh, green, and saucy.  Yum.course 2

Course #3: Rock Shrimp & Wild Mushroom Tamale, Soft polenta, truffled huitlacoche sauce
Who knew about huitlacoche sauce?  I didn’t!  Hello, version of mole!  Yay!  This light dish was also earthy.  The mushrooms and sauce worked with the fluffy polenta and tender shrimp.  Nice contrasts.course 3

Course #4: Carne Asada & Mexican Corn: Grilled chipotle marinated skirt steak, spicy black beans & cotìja cheese

The main reason I chose the tasting menu was for the carne asada.  I knew it would be cooked perfectly–they didn’t even ask us how we wanted it cooked, because Matyson (my first born) cooks it the way it should be cooked (medium rare) no matter what.  Corn: eat it up yum.  YUM!  The cotija cheese is being entered as a top spot on our “Endangered Cheese” list.  We will find it.

course 4

Course #5: Tres Leches with fresh strawberries.  I do not prefer wet cake over dry cake with icing.  But this.  This.  THIS.  That’s all.  Just this.  I did not need the strawberries, whipped topping, or fancy chocolate.  They helped, but the hunk of cake was mouth-watering and deserving of dreams by itself.  Independent tres leches is always good.
course 5



Matt always likes to be different.  That’s fine.  He ordered off of the a la carte menu and did not share because colleague and I were talking too much.  Hmmmph.  Now I only have his tired descriptions of his food.

Wild Burgundy Escargot ($11) with English peas, pancetta, morel mushrooms & mint butter

Matt says it was OK.  The sauce was different–not creamy like usual.  This was minty, herbal, and fresh.  Overall opinion: the escargot was good and the sauce was weird.escargot

Roasted Australian Lamb Loin ($24) with Fennel spiced lamb sausage, soft mascarpone polenta, caramelized fennel & oranges
It was good.  “Perfect, done, published.” lamb

Let me just finish this post with another shot of the tres leches.  Because I am in love.  And I wasn’t fast enough to steal tastes of Matt’s food.
tres leches

I wish I could go to Matyson every week.  Every week is a different tasting menu.  Every week I would be in heaven.  But I may get spoiled, and I don’t want that.




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