Community Supported Agriculture

7 05 2009

We joined a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) this year and today was our first pickup of the season.  We use Lancaster Farm Fresh and share with my brother because we usually can’t use all of the vegetables we get every week.  This year we are alternating weeks and we are hoping that when our vegetable garden starts producing, we won’t have to buy anything from the store at all.  We will be self-sustaining!

Our CSA works on a drop off/pickup system. Every Thursday, the produce is collected from the local farms and is dropped off at various locations in our neighborhood. Our pickup location is about two miles away at someone’s home. He keeps the stash in his garage and individuals pick up their “share” on the honor system.

week 1

We get our list of produce every week. This week’s was:

1 lb rhubarb – transitional – Country View Farm

1 bunch red radishes– certified organic – Farmdale Organics

1 bunch white scallions – transitional – Taste of Nature Farm

1 bunch white scallions– certified organic – Goshen View Organics

8 oz cremini mushrooms – certified organic – Mother Earth Organics

¼ lb wrinkle-crinkle cress– certified organic – Riverview Organics

1 lb wildfire lettuce mix– certified organic – Scarecrow Hill Farm

½ lb arugula – certified organic – Farmdale Organics

Everything is so gorgeous and fresh.


The first few weeks are always leafy green-heavy so we added some of our own supplies to make a salad.  We cooked up some ground beef with the scallions and our store-bought tomatoes and corn:


Then we added the mixture to the greens with the CSA mushrooms and radishes and store-bought avocado.


It was so filling I couldn’t even finish it.  I’ll have another update in two weeks!





3 responses

9 05 2009
Amy Shaw

Oh my gosh, I came across your website on a search of wrinkle crinkle cress. I was trying to differentiate which was the cress and which bag was the arugula. I happened upon your website and thought, holy cow, that is exactly what I got this week. I pick up in Elkins Park. By the way, I tried sauting the radishes in a little butter tonight (along with the organic mushrooms, and store bought potatoes and onions) and they were really good. I’ve never had them any way except raw before. I’ll be back to see more ideas of yours!

9 05 2009

Hi Amy. This is so funny! I was going to post another recipe tonight and then forgot! We’ll have to swap ideas all summer. We’ve been mostly eating our veggies raw from the CSA but sautee-ing sounds delicious! Thanks for the comment!

22 05 2010

I, too, was searching for a picture of “wrinkle crinkle cress”, which I picked up from our Lancaster Farm Fresh delivery location in Gwynedd! One of the items in my half-share is a very bitter, leafy green. I was trying to figure out what that is. I still don’t know! I know it’s not arugala, nor bok choy, nor scallions. There was a big bunch of what I thought was a red leaf lettuce, but then during my google search of radicchio, it looked like my red leaf lettuce. So now I’m pretty confused about what I received.

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