Bishop’s Collar Block Party

17 05 2009

Small crowds + good band + no huge lines + great beer deals + free food + sunshine + fun friends = great party.

The Bishop’s Collar is a little pub in the Art Museum Area of Philadelphia. Accessible by the 32 bus (or the 38 bus if you get dropped off at the Art Museum by accident and walk a few blocks like I did), this quaint neighborhood next to Center City is filled with friendly, laid back people of all ages. And lots of dogs.

The beer stations outside offered Guinness, Guinness 250 (a lighter version), Yards, Sly Fox, and Bells. All yummy.
Four beer tickets for $10. Nice deal.

Free snacks included pigs-in-a-blanket, deep fried ravioli, pulled pork sliders, and chicken fingers. It was enough to satisfy, but we still needed some “real” food by 6:00.

I really don’t think that Philadelphia should have to wait another 10 years for this block party. But that’s just my opinion.

Block party







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