Philadelphia Summer Wish List

19 05 2009

While day dreaming, I decided to create a Philadelphia Summer 2009 Non-Recession-Friendly Wish List.  Enjoy!

1. Eat at Matyson once a week.  Try every tasting menu ($45/person) This week: “Outrageous Onions!”

2. See Jason Mraz and G. Love at the Festival Pier ($45/ticket) on Aug. 9th 

3. Get baseline seats to a Phillies game.  Any Phillies game.  ($60/ticket)

4. Eat at Susanna Foo before it closes (dumpling sampler+crispy duck+short ribs+fried rice+bok choy+dessert+”Sparkling Susanna”+Lychee Martini+tax+tip=$135)

5. Grease at the Kimmel Center!  ($25-$100/ticket)

6. Attend the Culinary Herb Party at the Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College ($45/person)

7. Sunday Supper at Supper ($35/person)

8. Spend a weekend in New Hope at The Mansion Inn or Porches (~$200/night) and eat dinner at Marsha Brown.

9. Go shopping at Terrain at Styers (maybe pick up a terrarium) and go to the Cafe for a monthly Chef’s Dinner ($45/person).

10. Eat at Vetri (grand tasting=$135/person). 

I’ll be sure to report on anything I might check off of my wish list this summer!




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