The Schmitter

31 05 2009

Matt and I finally tried The Schmitter, a sandwich created by McNally’s Tavern in Chestnut Hill **which is not named after Mike Schmidt!** (Thanks, Joe, for the correction–I can’t believe I didn’t catch this.) When Citizens Bank Park opened, the sandwich got its own stand at section 139.


Long lines are obviously always expected.  On a stormy evening, though, there was no wait after the game started.


The sandwich is a bit pricey–I don’t think I would pay for a whole one again although I might consider sharing one with some fries on the side.


The concept is genius and the diagram very handy.


Anticipation!  Why do yummy foods that cause heart attacks always come wrapped in foil?  It drives Matt crazy to wait for me to take my photos but it is usually worth it.


This sandwich is cut in half.  Thumbs up!


Matt lifted up the top so I could get an inside shot.  It was so unappetizing no matter what angle you looked at it.


The bun was soggy and the meat a little slippery.  I’m pretty sure that the “special sauce” is Thousand Island and the onions were more sauteed, not fried.  We were hoping for ring-style deep-friend onions–that would give it more texture and some fun crunch.


The cheese was melty.  Matt liked the salami and I liked the steak, mainly because of how they were cooked.  The salami was a bit underdone for me and the steak a bit over done for Matt (the edges were a little brown and crunchy, just the way I like it).


The general consensus: The Schmitter is greasy, cheesy, and tasty, but we agreed that it wouldn’t taste as good with no beer in your blood stream and would probably be like Filet mignon after too many beers.  The price is high although only a $1.25 markup in the ballpark from the Tavern’s price.  If we get this again, it will be in the 7th inning (after a couple more beers) and not the 3rd and we will share it.  I am very interested to taste one directly from the Tavern because I have a feeling it tastes much better out from underneath the heat lamps.


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11 responses

31 05 2009

The diagram looks marvelous. The real thing? Not as marvelous.

4 10 2009

So not worth it. Slippery doesn’t even describe it. Onions are “sweated”, not fried. Simply overpriced gunk. With so many other food stands in the park, this was a real disappointment. So much for the hype.

9 10 2009

I tend to agree. I haven’t had another one since this game.

28 10 2009

Try the Schmitter(R) at Lincoln Financial Field and at McNally’s Tavern in Chestnut Hill. The onions are always fried. McNally’s, of course, makes each to order. At the Linc it’s pretty close to right off the grill when the demand cranks up. It’s a great sandwich because of the melding of all the flavors while cooked.

28 10 2009

PS. The Schmitter(R) is NOT named for Michael Jack Schmidt. It’s a long story but short version is the name refers to a regular drinker of Schmidt’s of Philadelphia Beer.

I should know. And I do.

28 10 2009

Thank you for correcting me! I’ll make that change right now. Thanks for reading, too.

29 10 2009

call McNally’s and leave your address and shirt size. I bought you an official Schmitter(R) tee. or just email me.

28 10 2009

At the World Series, ask Steve to cook your onions to order while the meats are cooking. He’s a great guy and he serves about 1000 per game, hence the onions cooked ahead. If he’s not too busy he’ll be happy to accommodate you. Tell him I told you.
Don’t give up on The Schmitter(R), that would be like givin’ up on the Fightins.
Go Phillies.

4 11 2009

I attended Game 5 last night. Being from Chicago, I throughly enjoy fatty, greasy food. I had one in the 5th and one in the 7th. Had four beers before the sandwiches. I agree, having the beers makes the taste all the better. Complete money. I’d agree that it would be better if it were freshly made. I’m thinking the “Special Sauce” might be some Russian dressing mixture. It seemed to be too tangy to be 1000 Island. F the Yankees!

16 07 2012

I should know who invented the Schmitters sandwich, it was my husband, Dennis!

9 08 2012

it’s gross…greasy pile of crap…and the price is ridiculous…heart attack waiting to happen

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