Sexy Green Truck Breakfast Sandwich

30 06 2009

This competition is getting tough. I have discovered some very simple rules to even getting your breakfast sandwich considered: 1. You must serve eggs and 2. You must be open. Yesterday I briefly stopped at the Bagel Hut on Montgomery and their breakfast sandwiches had only meat and cheese. No egg. No thanks. Then I remembered that my student worker told me that Starbucks has actually started serving very yummy breakfast sandwiches with multi-grain muffins, egg whites, and turkey bacon for $3. I was intrigued so I swung by the Starbucks on campus. It was closed at 7:45 am. Fail!

That’s OK. I had a third backup: The Sexy Green Truck that I frequent for lunch. The Sexy Green Truck started last year as an alternative to the ho-hum greasy fatty foods that most other trucks make. The SGT, although not vegetarian, boasts all local and organic ingredients. And this makes me happy. Even the eggs are happy!

sexy green truck 001

sexy green truck 002

I ordered my usual bacon egg and cheese, but because I can feel the past few weeks of sandwich in the pit of my stomach and dimples in my thighs, I chose a “healthier” Carbohydrate Delivery System: white toast.  That may have been the mistake that gave this sandwich its score. But it was cut in half!  Right green truck 003

The overall flavor was fresh and tasty–and happy.  It really did taste happy. Like something your momma could make. I wish that the toast had been lightly buttered on the inside because it was a bit green truck 004

sexy green truck 005

Look at that egg tuckage!  A perfect 10! sexy green truck 006

sexy green truck 007

The bacon was the best: a bit charred, salty, slightly crispy, slightly chewy–perfect! Like it was cut right from the pig that green truck 008

The cheese: great quality, great taste, but not quite enough quantity. The happy eggs were fluffy and gently green truck 009

sexy green truck 011

The fillings went all the way through.  By my last bite, I had just as much egg and bacon and cheese as my green truck 013

One last thought on salt pepper ketchup–they didn’t mention it, I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t get it, and I didn’t need it.


Overall appearance: 9

Meat: 10

Egg (quality, quantity, and tuckage): 10

Greasiness: 7

Cheese (quality and quantity): 7

Condiments (quality and quantity.): 7

Carbohydrate Delivery System (credit: Matt Palmer): 4

Price: 8 ($2.75 for happy eggs is good)

Accuracy of order: 10

Overall taste: 9

Total score: 81


Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

29 06 2009

On a recent trip to Japan I scheduled in a trip to Roppongi Hills, an upscale space in a gaijin-centric part of Tokyo. I had avoided The Hills when I lived in Tokyo but decided that as a tourist I really should check it out.

The Star Wars-like architecture of Roppongi Hills boasts open spaces, stone walls, wind tunnels, and space age design. The area didn’t win me over, but I’m glad I finally saw it and got to laugh at the boutiques of plastic bags selling for over $100.
Roppongi Hillsexplanation whywind tunnelgot milk?cascadesspiiiderI love you spider!

We took the Minato City bus to the Hills from the apartment but walked back (a few miles, 7 miles total all day)

Timing: Got bus at 10:30, arrived Azabu Juban at 11:00
Cost: 100 yen per person (one way)
Time elapsed: 5 hours
Walked home: free
Accomplished: omiyage shopping, gawking at Roppongi Hills, walking on a 65-degree day in February
Breakfast: Starbucks, 900 yen
Lunch: bakery, 1000 yen

Open-faced Breakfast Sandwich

29 06 2009

I experimented once again over the weekend with my own breakfast sandwich concoction. I made this one open-faced with toasted french bread, goat cheese, hard boiled eggs, salt, and pepper. Yum.




Ernie’s Breakfast Sandwich

25 06 2009

I had been neglecting the South Side of campus because of its inconvenient proximity to my office, so today I ventured beyond the Bell Tower to one of the many trucks parked on Montgomery Ave. between Broad and 12th streets. Ernie’s truck has been around for so many years and could be one of the most well-known mobile establishments on campus.




Cut in half and lookin’ good! This sandwich was so intimidating.

The croissant was too soft and sweet for a sandwich, but I’m sure I would have loved it on its own with some jam. It also needed to be toasted (but I failed to specifically ask for that).
eddie's breakfast


The egg tuckage was, well, unnecessary. . This is going to be a difficult sandwich to score. There was no egg esacping from the edges (good) but only because the croissant was so huge (bad).sandwich


The egg was fluffy but not too thick and cooked very well but the taste didn’t really excite me too much.egg

The bacon was very odd. When I first started eating it was chewy and tasteless. By the time I got to the second half, it tasted burned and crispy. Mysterious. It also was not anchored down very well and placed in the sandwich as whole slices, which made it hard to bite.



The ketchup was way too sweet–it almost tasted like a salsa–and there was not enough salt and pepper for my salt-tooth.eddie's

I know, the natural nature of the croissant is that one side is twice as thick as the other side. Not the sandwich’s fault, I just didn’t like it that way.eddie's

The sandwich had the right amount of cheese with a nice gooey consistency but it was, like the bacon and egg, pretty much tasteless and also only in the center of the sandwich. eddie

There was way too much “just egg” around the edges.eddie's

So when I got to the end, I had no interest in finishing it (or room in my belly).done

Unfortunately, the overall taste didn’t quite do it for me and I have a feeling that it was all of the croissant’s fault for being too tasty and fluffy and greasy. I doubt, though, that a different Carbohydrate Delivery System would have masked the tastelessness of all the ingredients.

Overall appearance: 9

Meat: 6

Egg (quality, quantity, and tuckage): 7

Greasiness: 7

Cheese (quality and quantity): 7

Condiments (quality and quantity.): 5

Carbohydrate Delivery System (credit: Matt Palmer): 7

Price: 5 ($3.00 is a bit much)

Accuracy of order: 10

Overall taste: 6

Total score: 69

Home grown, locally farmed, international meal

23 06 2009

Sometimes I get more excited about food we grow and make at home than what we get in fancy restaurants. Last night my husband made dinner and it was quite the feast: an international meal with some home grown and locally farmed produce.

Appetizer: French radishes from our garden sprinkled in salt. Peppery, sweet, salty goodness.

Japanese dinner: gohan, niku jaga, miso soup, and beer.

Miso soup was made with CSA scallions, miso paste, daikon, and enoki mushrooms
Niku Jaga was made with CSA potatoes, pork, carrots, and konnyaku noodles

niku jaga

I love it when my husband makes dinner!

Shofuso in the rain

22 06 2009

Shofuso (The Japanese House and Garden) is a small part of Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. I visited recently on a rainy day in June and was reminded of how beautiful and peaceful it can be with the steady drops and musty smell of damp tatami. I could have sat on the veranda for hours pretending I was back in Japan.
















Shofuso is located on the grounds of the Horticulture Center, in West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, near the intersection of Belmont Avenue and Montgomery Drive.

Shofuso Hours:
May through September
Wednesday-Friday 10 am-4 pm
Saturday and Sunday 11 am-5pm
(October open for special events and weddings only)
For questions call 215-878-5097 or email

Admission is $6.00; $3.00 for senior citizens and students with ID. Members admitted free.

Shofuso Summer Festival

21 06 2009

This year the Shofuso Summer Festival was moved inside to the Horticultural Center (right next door) due to downpours. The change of venue and weather didn’t seem to deter an enthusiastic crowd of adults and children.

Performances and Demonstrations:


story telling




Other activities included kimono dress-up and origami.





And the kids all had fun: