Breakfast Sandwich Rubric

2 06 2009

To successfully find the best breakfast sandwich in North Philadelphia this summer, I decided that I needed a standard grading rubric to be fair.  It was very difficult to establish this set of guidelines and I had a lot of help and input.  It’s not flawless so before I eat my next sandwich this week, please give feedback and comments so I can make changes if necessary.  As you can see, I am taking this extremely seriously.  Maybe almost too seriously.

Each category gets 1 to 10 points with 1 being the weakest and 10 being the strongest. 100 is a perfect score, obviously.

Overall appearance


Egg (quality and quantity)

Egg tuckage

Cheese (quality and quantity)

Condiments (quality and quantity. This category includes meat if necessary.)


Charisma of staff

Accuracy of order

Overall taste

Here is a photo of my most recent selection, to jog your thoughts:



7 responses

2 06 2009

I see no need for charisma of staff.

2 06 2009

Noted. Not needed, but leaves an impression.

4 06 2009

size could be an issue, for some people it might mean “how big is the sandwich” you may want to define this a little more.

Meat should never, ever be a condiment on a breakfast sandwich. That flies in the face of all things sacred in the world of breakfast sandwich.

Hhmmm, bread is also a little confusing, perhaps it should be carbohydrate delivery system?? (or something like that) For many people, the choice of bready options is a deal-breaker when it comes to ordering breakfast sandwiches. For example, I like English muffins and “long roll” Erin likes bagel (Yuk!)

5 06 2009

Matt, that was truly inspiring and good to know that the man I chose to spend the rest of my life with is equally as passionate about breakfast sandwiches as I am.

5 06 2009

I have to agree with WeezerMonkey, charisma of staff isn’t really and issue when I am having a hankering for a fabulous bit of grease on bread. After all, breakfast sandwiches from trucks can be absolutely amazing and pretty much no charisma there…Maybe something about appropriate amount of greasiness? Because you do need some grease to make the perfect sandwich, but not too much…

5 06 2009

I will definitely replace Charisma of Staff with something more important. Maybe grease and meat can be in the same category? 😉

16 01 2010
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