Ray’s Breakfast Sandwich

7 06 2009

Well ladies and gentleman, my search continues.  One breakfast sandwich per week is actually a lot for me to handle.  All this time I thought, if given the chance, I could eat one every morning and be happy.  I’ve found that just increasing my intake to one per week is effecting the rest of my eating habits…in a bad way. But I’ll stick with it and hope that this won’t make me hate breakfast sandwiches.

Last week’s was Ray’s truck by the Bell Tower on 13th Street.


Ray was fun to talk to as I waited for my $2.50 order (bacon, egg, and cheese on a long roll).


This sandwich was huge–almost as big as my computer keyboard!  Not very nice-looking, though.  But cut in half! Finally!



Egg tuckage alert!  How hard is it to tuck this end into the roll, huh?  Not good.


I am really not a fan of long rolls, mostly for the taste.  They taste like nothing.  And when you have a whole lot of nothing going on, I generally do not enjoy the sandwich.  And besides, the long roll is deceiving.  Once you take one or two bites, it squashes down to half the size and looks all sad and pathetic.  My feelings about long rolls will definitely influence the grading.


I was a huge fan of this technique–make the egg like an omelet.  It ensured that no bacon escaped while eating.  Very nice.  Points for this.  The egg was tasty as well, and not too spongy and thick due to the omelet technique.


My eyes!  I really do have an aversion to non-egg-tuckage.  Is there some kind of support group I can join for this?


I was sorely disappointed in the cheese.  I couldn’t taste it.  It wasn’t gooey or soft.  It was practically nonexistant.  See that tiny little ooze below? That’s all she wrote, folks.

nice view


I couldn’t finish it.  The problem with the long roll, in this instance at least, is that the ends are all roll and just empty carbs.  I don’t like my breakfast sandwich eating to end with a practically-empty roll.  Sorry.


My first grading is below.  I tried to explain what I liked or disliked about each category throughout the post so here I am simply giving numbers.

Overall appearance: 6

Meat (anything and everything about the meat. I will be getting some form of meat on every sandwich I try and therefore it deserves its own category.): 8

Egg (quality, quantity, and tuckage): 7

Greasiness: 5

Cheese (quality and quantity): 2

Condiments (quality and quantity): 6

Carbohydrate Delivery System (credit: Matt Palmer): 3

Price: 7

Accuracy of order: 10

Overall taste: 6

Total score: 60

Man–my rubric is tough! Still working out some kinks. This is all an experiment, people.




6 responses

7 06 2009

I know this is such an anti-foodie statement, but I LOVE the sausage and egg biscuit at McDonald’s. I rarely eat them, but when I do…oh man, so good. They never disappoint. Salty sausage, buttery biscuit, and perfectly fluffy egg…yum. Just for comparison, you should include a review of a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich, I think.

7 06 2009

Adina, if I really have to, in the name of science. (I love me a biscuit with sausage, too.)

7 06 2009

This sandwich looks yuckers.

7 06 2009

It’s really too bad you can’t get paid to do this.

7 06 2009

Adina–I have thunk this thought about 10 times a day every day for at least a year. See what you can do. Thanks.

1 07 2009
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