The Plough

9 06 2009

For a pre-movie drink and snack, Matt and I stopped at The Plough at around 5:30 last night. I love the interior of The Plough. It’s so open and rustic. But picture this space at 10:00 on a Saturday night filled with falling-down-drunks. That’s not the best time.



The beer list is fine–they have a few really great selections but too many not-great selections (happy hour choices were Bud Light, Miller Light, and lager).  I am an IPA-lover so of course I chose the Flying Fish.  Matt was excited about the Ommegang but they had just kicked the keg.  Seems like the Ommegang is being kicked all over the city!  So he decided on a Guinness for woosies (Black & Tan).


He liked it.


We ordered the crab and vegetable spring rolls for $9.  They were stuffed with fresh crab meat so that made up for the fact that there were only two on the plate.  I was happy.  The crispy sweet potaters were a nice touch, too.


crab rolls



We were a bit disappointed in the menu options as we remembered there being a wider variety of reasonably-priced entrees, so we stopped at the beers and spring rolls and decided to have a progressive dinner.  Next up: Cuba Libre.




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11 06 2009
Cuba Libre « Explore and Eat

[…] 11 06 2009 This is a continuation of Monday evening’s progressive dinner. After we were disappointed in The Plough’s dinner menu, we walked up 2nd street to Cuba […]

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