McDonald’s Breakfast Sandwich

12 06 2009

Some of my readers asked that I compare the breakfast sandwiches I buy from food trucks and stalls to a more mainstream establishment, such as McDonald’s.  I agreed in the name of science, and it’s all good because there happens to be a McDonald’s right on the edge of campus, so the geographical requirement of this Search for the Best Breakfast Sandwich (SBBS) in North Philly is fulfilled.

Golden arches

Points for asking if I wanted ketchup. Loss of points for only one packet.

It was a hot mess and the only part holding it all together was the biscuit.

Look how uneven! Half of the insides were falling out.

Egg tuckage FAIL!

Don’t even get me started. Dry, spongy, microwaved.  Egg?

Bacon was eh. Not too tasty. Not too crispy.

But the biscuit saved the sandwich. It was a little flaky, a little greasy, and carried all of the flavor.

Look at the unevenness at the end.  Unforgivable.  And I could stomach the Whiz if it had been nice and melty.  This Whiz was hard and cold.

The biscuit can be addicting. I really love me a McDdonald’s biscuit but the rest of the sandwich was a complete disaster.

Overall appearance: 5

Meat: 4

Egg (quality, quantity, and tuckage): 1

Greasiness: 7

Cheese (quality and quantity): 1

Condiments (quality and quantity): 2

Carbohydrate Delivery System (credit: Matt Palmer): 10

Price: 8 ($2.23)

Accuracy of order: 10

Overall taste: 6

Total score: 54




5 responses

12 06 2009

People really asked you to compare to McDonald’s? :s

12 06 2009

People really did.

12 06 2009

I was one of those people!!! That’s right, I am not ashamed! I think you made a mistake by getting bacon instead of sausage. That sausage is good stuff. I am disappointed in the quality of their sandwich workmanship– I think you got a dud. I’ve never gotten one that was so flopsy like that.

12 06 2009

Adina–this was a worthy comparison. Notice how it actually scored higher than Tommy’s? I am convinced that the geographical location of chains can effect the quality of the product. So, all is good. I think to have fair comparisons I need to eat bacon in each sandwich because that’s what I started with, and it’s my favorite.

12 06 2009

Ah, the search continues! I am interested to see who wins this competition you’ve started!

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