Grilling with Easy Food and Fun Guests

16 06 2009

Don’t you hate reading about parties like this?  Well throw your inadequacies on the flames as I take you through a tour of the most recent backyard bash we threw at our humble abode. There was onion dip. There were chips. There was home brewed beer and homemade mojitos. We also had some fun-loving guests and s’mores. Take that, Food & Wine!

Our impressive table of pre-dinner snacks and drinks (clockwise from bottom): vinho verde, home brewed hoppy beer, hummus, chips, onion dip circa 1950, and home made pesto.

food table

You can find my pesto recipe here, although every time I make it it turns out a bit different.


The onion dip was a huge hit–and easy! Grab some packets of Lipton’s powered onion mix and mix with sour cream. Refrigerate until you want to eat it.  Serve with chips–ruffled are better.

chips n dip

We did have some Yards on hand, but in the glass is the home brew. So yummy and hoppy!



We did have a kid there! (There are always perfectly dressed, well-behaved photos of kids in the magazines.) But to protect his identity, here he is hiding behind a tree:


On the main menu: BBQ chicken, grilled corn, portobello mushrooms (recipes below):

chicken and corn



One of our guests enjoying the mushroom sans bun:


For dessert: s’mores, grilled angel food cake, and ricotta cheesecake.


Angel food cake: buy an angel food cake from the store. Then dredge in equal parts jam and fruit juice, also bought from the store. Grill.  I think I’ll kick it up a notch when I make it next time and add some Cool Whip or ice cream. Watch out!

angel food cake

ricotta cheesecake

Full and contented guests like taking photos, I guess.



BBQ chicken: Buy chicken and BBQ sauce, marinate in BBQ sauce overnight, grill

Corn: Buy corn, husk, and grill

Portobello mushrooms: buy mushrooms, drizzle with olive oil, salt, and grill



3 responses

16 06 2009
Daniel B.

I love the char on the chicken. And what a great idea to do a whole mess of drumsticks. But can’t we call it something like “bbq sauce grilled chicken” or “grilled bbq sauce chicken”?

Kudos on the unfussy outdoor party. The onion dip has a special place in my heart.

16 06 2009

I could consider changing the name. 😉 But I can’t even take credit for the sauce. How about “Charred BBQ Chicken?”

16 06 2009
Daniel B.

Seems like a reasonable compromise. On Iron Chef they would probably call it grilled chicken with bbq flavor.

Sometimes life is so complicated.

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