Yakitori Boy $1 skewer night

17 06 2009

Yakitori Boy in Philadelphia sells $1 skewers on Tuesdays. It’s a wonderful thing. You can choose from pork belly, shrimp, chicken, chicken liver, chicken meatballs (tsukune), chicken and scallions, asparagus, eggplant…oh the list goes on. Go with a friend, order 5 skewers each and a $10 bottle of Kirin Ichiban and you are set. Then you just have to settle in and wait for the entertainment to begin. If you love to be center stage but hate waiting for “your song,” Tuesday is a perfect night for karaoke. There were plenty of empty seats when on weekends you can barely walk through.

These are what $1 skewers look like:

$1 skewers

This was my second visit to Yakitori Boy and this time was much better, mostly because I already knew what to expect. There are still some skewers I haven’t tried, so I think that Tuesday is my lucky day.




2 responses

17 06 2009

You need to tell me when you go to these things. I would meet you. Looks yum.

17 06 2009

You’re funny! I want to go back. Last night was for my brother’s graduation so we had a private room ooh la la! But let’s go on a Tuesday in July.

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