Ernie’s Breakfast Sandwich

25 06 2009

I had been neglecting the South Side of campus because of its inconvenient proximity to my office, so today I ventured beyond the Bell Tower to one of the many trucks parked on Montgomery Ave. between Broad and 12th streets. Ernie’s truck has been around for so many years and could be one of the most well-known mobile establishments on campus.




Cut in half and lookin’ good! This sandwich was so intimidating.

The croissant was too soft and sweet for a sandwich, but I’m sure I would have loved it on its own with some jam. It also needed to be toasted (but I failed to specifically ask for that).
eddie's breakfast


The egg tuckage was, well, unnecessary. . This is going to be a difficult sandwich to score. There was no egg esacping from the edges (good) but only because the croissant was so huge (bad).sandwich


The egg was fluffy but not too thick and cooked very well but the taste didn’t really excite me too much.egg

The bacon was very odd. When I first started eating it was chewy and tasteless. By the time I got to the second half, it tasted burned and crispy. Mysterious. It also was not anchored down very well and placed in the sandwich as whole slices, which made it hard to bite.



The ketchup was way too sweet–it almost tasted like a salsa–and there was not enough salt and pepper for my salt-tooth.eddie's

I know, the natural nature of the croissant is that one side is twice as thick as the other side. Not the sandwich’s fault, I just didn’t like it that way.eddie's

The sandwich had the right amount of cheese with a nice gooey consistency but it was, like the bacon and egg, pretty much tasteless and also only in the center of the sandwich. eddie

There was way too much “just egg” around the edges.eddie's

So when I got to the end, I had no interest in finishing it (or room in my belly).done

Unfortunately, the overall taste didn’t quite do it for me and I have a feeling that it was all of the croissant’s fault for being too tasty and fluffy and greasy. I doubt, though, that a different Carbohydrate Delivery System would have masked the tastelessness of all the ingredients.

Overall appearance: 9

Meat: 6

Egg (quality, quantity, and tuckage): 7

Greasiness: 7

Cheese (quality and quantity): 7

Condiments (quality and quantity.): 5

Carbohydrate Delivery System (credit: Matt Palmer): 7

Price: 5 ($3.00 is a bit much)

Accuracy of order: 10

Overall taste: 6

Total score: 69



3 responses

26 06 2009

Are the sandwiches only made on croissants? Looking at all the negatives, just think of how upset you’d be if it wasn’t cut in half.

26 06 2009

I just wanted to try something different–and I don’t like long rolls.

1 07 2009
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