Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

29 06 2009

On a recent trip to Japan I scheduled in a trip to Roppongi Hills, an upscale space in a gaijin-centric part of Tokyo. I had avoided The Hills when I lived in Tokyo but decided that as a tourist I really should check it out.

The Star Wars-like architecture of Roppongi Hills boasts open spaces, stone walls, wind tunnels, and space age design. The area didn’t win me over, but I’m glad I finally saw it and got to laugh at the boutiques of plastic bags selling for over $100.
Roppongi Hillsexplanation whywind tunnelgot milk?cascadesspiiiderI love you spider!

We took the Minato City bus to the Hills from the apartment but walked back (a few miles, 7 miles total all day)

Timing: Got bus at 10:30, arrived Azabu Juban at 11:00
Cost: 100 yen per person (one way)
Time elapsed: 5 hours
Walked home: free
Accomplished: omiyage shopping, gawking at Roppongi Hills, walking on a 65-degree day in February
Breakfast: Starbucks, 900 yen
Lunch: bakery, 1000 yen



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