Campo’s at the ballpark

7 07 2009

Matt and I are taking advantage of our trips to Citizens Bank Park this summer and trying different vendors and food each time. Last night (during that really “close” game against the Reds), since we had treated ourselves to good seats in section 109, we were sitting close to Ashburn Alley. Cheesesteaks were definitely in order. Tony Luke’s line was obnoxious so we opted for Campo’s, whose line was just a bit less obnoxious. We got in line at 6:15 and sat in our seats just in time for the first pitch at 7:05.

Phils 109 007

Phils 109 010

Phils 109 012

Phils 109 014

Phils 109 015

We both decided that cheesesteaks are by far the best option at Citizens Bank Park. Matt ordered “The Works” and I ordered a chicken cheesesteak with Whiz and fried onions. They were juicy but not greasy, filling but not heavy, and tasty but not too salty. We did not feel the need to get any other food or snacks throughout the rest of the game because we were so satisfied with these steaks. It will be hard to try a different food at our next game–maybe we’ll give Tony Luke’ s a try for a basis of comparison. The only way Luke’s could top Campo’s was if they used more Whiz. I can never have too much Whiz.




One response

7 07 2009
Adina Katz

Oh my god, I am drooling on my keyboard. I am sucker for cheesesteaks and those look delicious. You guys are so lucky to have a baseball team worth that makes it worthwhile to go to a game. It’s too depressing to go see the Orioles play.

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