10 07 2009

I had my doubts about a Tangerine Happy Hour (just started on Wednesdays last week) but I was doubtless by the end of the evening. $3 beers, $5 wines and cocktails, and $3 hummus and flatbreads. We chose the hummus: classic, olive, and tomato (yes–three kinds for $3!). It was out-of-this-world hummus. The classic was, by far, the most tasty and authentic. You could taste each ingredient down to the dash of paprika on top. The olive oil was quality. It was mmm mmm good.

I also enjoyed the tomato hummus, although it wasn’t quite as traditional. Little bits of tomato throughout gave it a slightly sweet flavor. The olive hummus was good, but not as good as the prior two. Generous amounts of kalamata olive bits made it a bit too olive-y but since I am an olive lover, I was fine.

I am not one who raves about “portion size.” I actually will berate someone who raves about portion size. I think that this is the least important aspect of a meal. But this was amazing, incredible, never ending hummus and pita. This portion size was almost magical. After inhaling the hummus for a half hour, we hadn’t even made a dent. Those bowls were deceivingly deep.

And after filling up on hummus and a few Walt Wits each, our total bill was around $20. Hey, Tangerine? This concept might be your savior for an otherwise empty establishment these days.





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