Recap and Reflection

28 07 2009

I am taking a breakfast sandwich hiatus this week to reflect on what is important in a breakfast sandwich. Is it the quality of the carbohydrate delivery system? Is it the taste and tuckage of the egg? Or simply taking the extra step to put the ketchup directly on the sandwich instead of throwing in packets as an afterthought? I have learned a lot these past few weeks and what it boils down to is taste. How refreshing.

To recap, here are the ten sandwiches I’ve tried so far, from highest to lowest score:

Bagel Shop: 89
Ali’s: 84
Sexy Green Truck: 81
Ernie’s: 69
Richie’s: 67
Adriatic Grill: 61
Ray’s: 60
Eppy’s: 56
McDonald’s: 54
Tommy’s: 53

Now let’s compare their total scores to what their Overall Taste score was:

Bagel shop: 10
Ali’s: 9
Sexy Green Truck: 9
Ernie’s: 6
Richie’s: 6
Adriatic Grill: 6
Ray’s: 6
McDonald’s: 6
Tommy’s: 5
Eppy’s: 4

Overall, if your sandwich tastes good, you’re going to get a good total score.

So, where should I go next? I’m running out of vendors. Anna’s Middle Eastern is closed for the summer and I know she would be a contender with her breakfast burrito. Any other ideas?



3 responses

28 07 2009

It’s all about taste and tuckage!

29 07 2009

I have heard good things about a lunch truck on campus called “Big Daddy’s” but I can’t seem to find it. Any idea where it is? Thanks

29 07 2009

Hmmm…I’ll look into that!

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