Orochon Ramen

12 08 2009

My first meal in Los Angeles was a hurried one at Orochon Ramen in Little Tokyo. Ramen. What an amazing staple. It’s all the necessary food groups in one huge bottomless bowl: noodles, vegetables, meat, oil, soy.

Orochon is a tiny place (about 20 seats inside and 15 seats outside) that gets busy by 7:00. We arrived at 6:30, right before the rush, and got a table outside before the line started.

You pick between three broths: miso, soy sauce, and salt, and then pick your spicy level (#1 is “Extreme” and #7 is Non-Spicy). I ordered a #4 with soy sauce, corn, and negi. But this is what I got:

It was a #3 and it had corn, pork, negi, green pepper, bamboo, and seaweed.  Fine, we were in a hurry.  I wanted to finish the whole darn thing because it was so lip-slurping good, but the spice level was at least one, if not two, notches too high.  And my spicy level tolerance is pretty high to begin with.

Matt got a #4 miso broth with pork, negi, and garlic. His hunger was a bit stronger than the spiciness so he was able to finish more of his ramen.

I felt like I was in Tokyo. I really wish I could go back and try all of the different flavor and spicy combinations here because they were so tasty and authentic. But I would not eat inside because it reminds me a little bit too much of ramen shops in Tokyo.

City Search has details and a menu.



2 responses

12 08 2009
juegos como ogame

haha ramen is what Son Goku eated in his TV serie?

12 08 2009

Yay! I’m glad you liked Orochon and even happier that you beat the rush!

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