Little Tokyo

14 08 2009

It doesn’t look like much, but we enjoyed staying in Little Tokyo while we were in Los Angeles. A little gritty, a little cheesy, but a little like being in Tokyo, we called this area around our hotel “home” for a few days. And when there are two yogurt shops, multiple restaurants, a karaoke bar, Japanese bread shop, souvenir shops, and a Family Mart all within a 2-block radius, that’s hard to complain about.

Little Tokyo likes its plazas. My favorite was the Japanese Village Plaza, a pedestrian maze with kitchy souvenir shops, izakaya, karaoke, and FroYo.

The Nijiya Market supplied us with a quick bento lunch one day when we were in a rush.

We never did try the karaoke or Frying Fish restaurants, but you always need to leave something to go back to, right?

People watching=one of my favorite free past times.

Our hotel, the Miyako Inn and Spa, was in a great location and had nice rooms for a decent price.

If we ever go back to Los Angeles, we would probably choose this location again if we wanted to be in the city. Beverly Hills is too fancy and Hollywood is too trendy.  Little Tokyo was just right.

ExperienceLA and the LTBA both have a great walking tours on their sites.




3 responses

14 08 2009

What nice photos! I’m a little surprised you’d stay in Little Tokyo again, but I guess I shouldn’t be, as you guys are such Japanophiles.

14 08 2009

I was wary at first, but it was nice to just be able to walk around the area and find food and FroYo! I am annoyingly saying FroYo all the time now. I do miss it.

16 08 2009


Here in L.A., no matter where you stay, you will be able to find food and frozen yogurt nearby. 😉

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