Yamazaki Bakery

16 08 2009

I sometimes don’t understand when people say that Asian countries don’t “do” bread. I can only speak for Japan, and I know for a fact that bread is better there. When we were staying in Little Tokyo, the only place open early for a quick breakfast was Yamazaki Bakery in the plaza around the corner from the hotel. Fine with us.


We must have tried everything over the course of a few days: ham and cheese croissant, hot dog wrapped in pastry, ham egg and cheese danish, raspberry cheese stick, and here is Matt showing us the toast made from thick white bread that just can’t be duplicated easily. The yelp! community understands.




4 responses

16 08 2009

Chinese people “do bread,” too, particularly Northern Chinese people — they have bread with every meal.

18 08 2009

Yes! Asian Bakeries are great!
I love this Korean Bakery that is in part of H mart in Elkins Park!

19 08 2009

Naoko–I love that bakery. Isn’t it called “Paris?”

20 08 2009

It’s something paris or paris something.
They make really good stuff! I’ve bought cake (green tea cake) for someone’s birthday from them and it was excellent!

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