Breakfast Sandwich Recap: The End is Near

19 08 2009

Well boys and girls, my search for the best breakfast sandwich in North Philadelphia took a small hiatus, and now I am almost at the end. Aren’t you excited? Tense with anticipation to see who will take home the crown? I have one more truck on tap to taste and score before the finale, so until then, here are the latest standings:

Bagel Shop: 89
Ali’s: 84
Sexy Green Truck: 81
Ernie’s: 69
Richie’s: 67
Adriatic Grill: 61
Suzi’s: 61
Ray’s: 60
Eppy’s: 56
McDonald’s: 54
Tommy’s: 53

For you new readers, click here for the grading rubric I developed, along with the help of many foodies, to score the breakfast sandwiches. The winner will be revealed next week so stay tuned.



2 responses

20 08 2009

I have enjoyed your breakfast sandwich challenge!

20 08 2009

Thank you! Just as you are thinking of burgers, I am thinking I need to continue this as well, but with grilled cheese.

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