Marmalade Cafe

21 08 2009

On the 8th and 3rd mornings that Matt and I, respectively, were in Los Angeles, we decided it was about time for a hearty breakfast that wasn’t from Yamazaki Bakery. Matt found the adorable Marmalade Cafe in Santa Monica, where we stopped to eat before we went to the beach. 

Marmalade is situated in a row of some cute shops and right across the street from a Starbucks. When we sat down we realized that there are multiple locations of the Marmalade Cafe but since none of them were on or near the east coast, we were ok with its uniqueness.

The ambience was relaxed and homey, kid-friendly, and had plenty of seats at 10:30am on a Monday morning. You can also get food to go.

Our lattes were creamy and tasty. No bitterness here.

Our breakfasts were super amazing. Super tasty, super sized, and super generous with the omelet fillings. Matt chose a steak and eggs version of an omelet made with filet mignon chili and served with Marmalade potatoes and rye bread toast.

My selection had me at avocado. Cheddar cheesy, bacon-y, creamy avocado-y goodness. Topped off with some hot sauce and I was in good fat/bad fat heaven.  The Marmalade potatoes were cooked and seasoned to perfection and those of you who know me can see that the toast made me very happy.

I was very surprised at the fact that there were no public restrooms in Marmalade. We had driven from Downtown L.A. straight to the restaurant and when we got there I panicked. My noble husband asked and they said that “since it wasn’t busy yet” I could sneak into the staff bathroom quickly. But really? No public bathroom at an establishment with a kitchen and table service? Hmmm. Maybe I ask too much.

We were stuffed and happy when we left, ready to face the pier, beach, and ocean air. We were also wondering how we would fit “boardwalk food,” Mexican for lunch, and dinner at Bazaar in our bellies that day. It’s a tough life, being on vacation.




3 responses

21 08 2009

I definetely do not think that for you to ask for a toilet in a restaurant in LA is not asking for too much, I’m shocked. Im glad the food was good to make up for it.

22 08 2009

No restroom? Really?!

I’ve never eaten there. Not sure I want to just because of this. I feel like that has to be a code violation of some sort.

22 08 2009

I was thinking the same thing about a code violation. I did a bit of web searching and from what I’ve found, it is very slightly possible that access to public restrooms is not mandatory in certain establishments.

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