Color Blind at pod

18 09 2009

Do not adjust the colors on your screen. Do not go get your eyes checked. This is how food looks when you sit in a pod at pod restaurant in University City, Philadelphia. At first it was a funny game we all played by hitting the different buttons on the white padded walls of our cell, but when our food started to arrive, we became disoriented and a bit touchy (maybe it was the bright red light that altered our mood). It did make for interesting picture-taking. If I had read the manual on my point and shoot I may have known how to make adjustments for this kind of lighting, but it was too much fun not to.

This is what the main interior of pod looks like (notice the big round spacey pods down the side of the restaurant?):

POD 001

POD 002

This is what it looks like in the pods:

POD 007

POD 006

POD 013

This is what our food looked like in the pod:

POD 008

Calamari salad: bleh. Not enough calamari. Too many greens. Too much fluorescence. Bland dressing. Next.

POD 010

Toro sushi roll: this was delicious but I have no idea what colors it was, which would have been nice.

POD 012

Duck 2 Ways (pan seared duck breast and duck confit with sun-dried cherry bao bun): This was so amazing. Why don’t I eat duck more often? I’ve never had a duck I didn’t like. The duck “pan” tasted exactly like what I used to grab for lunch in Tokyo–soft, tender, fluffy, meaty. The pan seared breast was caramelized nicely all around the outside and (I am pretty sure that) it was as rare as we wanted it. Tasty. Day-glo.

POD 017

Fluffer Nutter spring roles with peanut butter. NOM! What does nom mean anyway? So many people I know use this word and I am now jumping on the bandwagon because I can only assume that it means, “Utterly delicious and mouth-watering.”

The moral of the story here is: go to pod (once, maybe twice) and sit in a normal seat with normal light. For food’s sake. For the love of food. Or sit at the kaiten-zushi and pick exactly what you want from their fine sushi menu as it glides by.



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18 09 2009

OMG. This would drive me crazy.

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