Breakfast Sandwich: The Winner

22 09 2009

Drum roll, please. I tried the final breakfast sandwich this morning: The Winner! The Bagel Shop with 89 points! I had to make sure that this sandwich was deserving of such a prestigious title, and it still is.  Maybe even more deserving considering the line of people that now stretch across 13th street between classes waiting to place their order at the Bagel Shop.

Just look at this masterpiece:

the winner 001

the winner 002

the winner 003


It should have its own runway show. Or its own fashion line, at least. Has “Breakfast Sandwich” been a challenge on Top Chef? (This one doesn’t count.) I don’t think so. Bring it on, Colicchio! The Bagel Shop in North Philadelphia will kick all of your Top Chef asses!



4 responses

22 09 2009

Congratulations to this sandwich! It wasn’t really a fair fight. Bagel beats bread any day.

22 09 2009

And an everything bagel, nonetheless! Bagel beats bread. Does bagel also beat long roll?

22 09 2009

I just went to the bagel shop yesterday and had smoked salmon with cream cheese on everything bagel. It was really great.

What’s next?

23 09 2009

What do you think should be next? Grilled Cheese? French Fries?

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