Crowne Plaza Silver Spring

19 10 2009

Matt and I went to a wedding in Silver Spring, Maryland on Saturday and stayed over night in a hotel, which is very out of character for us.  Usually we save and save and plan and plan for one or two vacations each year so hotel stays seem quite special.  Well, this was a special wedding so we kept the reservation, and it was a nice retreat from our house that has been under construction for over a month.

The Crowne Plaza in down town Silver Spring ended up being luxurious after a rocky start at check in. We arrived at 3:08, eight minutes after the official check in time, and there was already a line of about five people with only one staff person behind the desk. Right away I said to Matt, “Virginie [my very good friend who has worked for Marriott for 10 years] would never let this happen at one of her hotels.” The line moved as quickly as it could with only one person handling the check-ins and she did apologize for the wait. We walked into our room at 3:30.


I loved our room. Loved it so much. It was decadent and bigger than any bedroom I could ever imaging having. There were lights everywhere, and they all worked independently of each other.  I turned them all on and loved it. A comfy chair, ottoman, and desk fit with no problem. And I just wanted to lie on, or in, the bed all day and night.  It was such a short stay that we didn’t even see what channels we got. I am dreaming of this soft bed with crisp sheets and perfectly firm pillows.

The bathroom left much to be desired. It was clean enough but about as big as a small coat closet. Enough room for one sink and one person. If we had been staying there for more than 20 hours it would have been a much bigger problem but for a place to get ready once, it was sufficient.

If only the bathroom could be extended into the room a few feet.  The room wouldn’t have minded, or even noticed, and the bathroom would have been much more appealing.

I am still dreaming of this bed.



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