Deer Park Tavern

24 10 2009

Today I ventured down to Newark, DE to visit friends. This was where I spent four years at the University of Delaware and it was fun to revisit some of my old haunts, including the Deer Park Tavern.  The Deer Park is a historical tavern known for being cursed by Edgar Allan Poe, but the food sure isn’t cursed. It’s really, really good. Surprisingly good for a beer hall that isn’t that nice on the inside.

We shared two appetizers between the three of us, which were more than enough for a late lunch. The first:


Eastern Shore Pretzels: 3 hot pretzels topped with crab dip, melted Montery Jack cheese and green onions for $9.95. They were warm and crusty with loads of crab dip and perfectly melted cheese. Everything tasted fresh and was very filling.

The second:

IMG_4001Fried Calamari: Lightly dusted & deep fried served with warm marinara sauce & red pepper aioli for 9.95.

What the menu failed to mention was the fried spinach. Yes, delicious fried spinach. I don’t know about you, but I’d never had fried spinach before, and I’d like to have it again. And again. And again. The whole dish was perfect, but the spinach was a surprise and we at it all up leaf by leaf. They were light and crunchy with the tender calamari balancing the flavors and textures. Fun, refreshing, yum.

It’s too bad that SEPTA doesn’t offer train service to Newark on weekends (we went into Wilmington and drove about 20 minutes down I-95) because it’s a fun little town that has more to offer than pizza and beer. I’d like to go back more often, especially to try more of these delicious dishes from the Deer Park.




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25 10 2009

Ah, deep fried calamari that is NOT breaded. With or without the tasty spinach, it sounds fantastic.

28 10 2009
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[…] We ordered the seasonal fruit (apricots) and fresh goat cheese with fresh local Honey Comb, Grilled Bread, and Back Yard Parsley. For $7 it was delicious, but we were ready to move on to more substantial (and cheaper) grub (see my Deer Park post). […]

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