2 11 2009

Matt and I finally made it to Tria together for the first time after Matt had been raving about this restaurant for years. It left me wanting more of their extensive wine list (about 30 glass pours for under $15) and very reasonable small plates. No reservations here, so you may have to sidle up to the bar if you want to eat, but it’s worth it.

I started with a glass of the the DÃO, GARRIDA ESTATE 2006 Portugal from the “Sociable Reds” ($8.5): smooth, fruity, and perfect for a variety of small plates (or, “snacks”):




We ordered two snacks: the Spicy Crab and Chickpea Stuffed Piquillo Peppers for $4.5 and the Warm Tuscan White Bean Spread with Baguette for $3. Great tastes, great prices. You could have a gourmet meal for two here for under $30, I guarantee it.

We both thought that the bean spread was outstanding. Smooth, creamy, salty, with some cheesy flavors (we think it was parmesan), this was warm with a nice crust. The baguette also deserves a rousing mention: it was crusty but also slightly chewy and soft, with a freshness that made the bread subtle but a perfect accompaniment to the hearty bean spread. I wanted seconds.

The peppers, although delicious, paled to the bean spread. The sauce was a bit watery and maybe because I like spicy foods, this did not have the kick that I expected. I was hoping for more whole pieces of crab in the filling, even though I think the point was to make it as creamy and blended with the chickpea as possible.  That’s OK–it was still very tasty.

Tria is the kind of place that you want to return to regularly just so you can try everything on the menu.  Good food, good drink, good atmosphere, good prices.




3 responses

3 11 2009

We’re going here this week too!!! CRAZY. I’m so excited about it. Yum.

3 11 2009

So funny–have you been there? You will go bananas!

3 11 2009
Joy Manning

Ah, Tria. One of my favorites! I haven’t been in a long time. I’m kinda jealous.

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