9 11 2009

Matt and I have been talking about the new menu by executive chef Anne Coll at Meritage for a while.  It’s a cute little restaurant on the corner 20th and Lombard–a bit dark, but romantic and quiet on the night we were there.

date night oct. 29 027

I am hoping that the empty tables were directly connected to the World Series game. We had been planning to go out on this night and no stinkin World Series game was going to stop us! (It was only game 2.)

date night oct. 29 031

The restaurant was very dimly lit so in order to get clear shots of the food I had to use my flash. Not happy about that.  I am a bit out of practice at food photography in restaurants, too.
The wine list was extensive and Matt chose a smooth French pinot noir:date night oct. 29 035

We ordered two starters and one large plate to share, which was the perfect amount of food for the two of us.  First up were the grape leaves with Kobe beef and Breakfast:

date night oct. 29 034

The grilled grape leaves ($5) was luscious, tasty, and medium rare.  I wish we had ordered another plate of them.  I didn’t even bother with the sad slaw and dipping sauce because the beef alone had plenty of flavor.

Breakfast ($5) was a taro panko pancake, pork belly, fried egg, and syrup reduction.  The egg was meh. The taro pancake was good. The pork belly was scrumptious but it’s a little hard to mess up pork belly.  The syrup reduction tasted like, well, syrup. We were not completely in awe over this dish.

Our duo of pork ($19) came next:
date night oct. 29 036
Matt and I should have known better.  We’ve come to the realization that whenever we see “duo” or “three-ways” on the menu, it’s not going to live up to our expectations. If you’re going to put this concept on the menu, the flavors should go together without “matching.” But it should still make sense to put them on the same plate together.  This dish didn’t make sense.

The tea smoked pork tenderloin was cooked to perfection but there was no flavor to it aside from the lightly drizzled dark cherry sauce.  Five pieces of loin was a bit much of one piece of food. I devoured the braised pork belly with its soft and melty fat and crunchy, caramelized top.  The sweet potato puree was a nice touch. This half of the “duo” needed no other seasonings and could have held its own with the slaw as a garnish. 

We were content with our meal at Meritage but we wouldn’t miss another World Series game to go back.




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9 11 2009
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13 11 2009

That looks delicious.

23 11 2009

they lost that game anyway. but i hear what you are saying.

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