Makiman Sushi: Take 2

15 11 2009

Makiman Sushi is right down the street but we rarely eat there because it is a bit pricey. We had a good experience with their take-out a few months ago but this most recent try was a little dicey.

Their sushi is good, but we are going to stick to traditional maki from now on. The Caterpillar (pictured below) was supposed to have eel in it but we could really only taste the avocado. Not that I’m complaining, because I would stand a good chance at winning an avocado-eating contest, but I also wanted to taste some eel.  The sesame seeds on top and tobiko on the inside were a nice touch.

Matt’s report on the tako su was disappointing. Usually the octopus is soaked in enough citrus to semi-cook it (kind of like a ceviche) but this version was not even close. It was completely raw and rubbery.

The tonkatsu was really tasty, but we like our breading crispy. We concluded that tonkatsu is not appropriate for takeout as, even though the flavor was spot on, the breading got soggy on its way from the restaurant to our house.

The tempura that came with the udon had a nice variety: shrimp, broccoli, green pepper, sweet potato, carrot, and onion. The consistency was nice, too, and we were happy that it came in a separate container from the soup so it maintained its crispy breading.

We loved the udon because the broth tasted completely authentic and the noodles were nice and doughy.

Makiman deserves another try, but we have definitely learned that the quality is hit or miss depending on what you order.  The next time we eat here we will stick to more authentic and standard options and forgo the fancy and flashy.



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16 11 2009

Im not a big sushi fan but I love tempura, I would definetely love to check this out.

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