Lobster Pot Pie (Talula’s Table Preview)

31 12 2009

We recently went out to Kennett Square to check out Talula’s Table, a gourmet food store with a deli and unique dinner service once a night at an 8 to 12-person farm table. Reservations for the 9+ course meal are few and far between; eventually we will make it there for dinner. This time, though, we grabbed a lobster pot pie to take home:

I love me a good meat pie, of any type. There’s something about the simplicity of the ingredients and the way you feel like a kid on Christmas when you first break into the crust to see what’s inside. The lobster shape in the crust added to the whimsical nature of the pie.

The lobster as meat was a nice diversion from the usual chicken or beef pot pie as it created a light feel with not too much oiliness, but the main attractions were really the crust and the veggies. I feel that as long as the crust is flaky, buttery, and brown (which this was) and the filling is tasty and thick (which this was) the meat is really just icing on the cake (which this lobster was). Matt and I shared one pie ($18) for dinner and I couldn’t even finish my half.

More in a future post on Talaula’s Table, and hopefully 2010 will bring the farm table dinner.



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