DB Bistro Moderne

11 01 2010

We only had one meal planned for our overnight weekend trip to New York so because I am a wimp and did not want to walk very far in the freezing morning wind, we ran across the street to Daniel Boulud’s DH Bistro Moderne in the City Club Hotel. What a refreshing experience. At 9:00 am on a Sunday, we were two of five people there to eat breakfast. When we walked in I felt underdressed in my jeans and Uggs but the staff and decor are so warm and inviting, that feeling melted away quickly.

I wanted to try everything on the menu (breakfast is my favorite meal of the day) but when I saw the assorted breads and pastries option ($12) I jumped on it. When the fresh strawberry and plum jam came, along with REAL butter, I knew I would be in a carb coma very soon.

Freshly made, fluffy, fantastic. The croissants and brioche were out of this world delicious. I have often been frustrated with croissants because I feel like a hot mess whenever I eat them, but I embraced the flaky exterior and dove right in. I usually consider bread just a vehicle for trying as much jam as I can, but the jam didn’t outshine the baked goods on this occasion. All was equal in this relationship. I finished everything except for the toasted baguette.

Matt’s french toast was also made with the fresh brioche and was accompanied by some creme fraiche and chutney. He said it was yummy but I was really too into my basket of baked goodness to really pay attention.

I love finding places to eat and feeling full and happy. It’s what life is all about.



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11 01 2010

Squeeeee! I’m glad to hear this was good. So far, we’ve had one hit (Daniel Boulud Brasserie in Vegas, soon-to-be-closed) and one miss (Lumiere in Vancouver).

12 01 2010

We ate lunch here once with my dad and step-mother before we saw Chicago. It was heavenly. Even though it was years ago, I still remember what I had: asparagus soup and lobster salad. It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. I definitely want to try their breakfast.

Where did you stay in NY?

12 01 2010

We found a great deal at the Royalton on 44th St.

12 01 2010
Lynne Goldman

Nice post! And I love your photos and layout. I’ll be checking in.

21 02 2010
Joy Manning

I also love the Royalton breakfast at bistro moderne combo when staying in NY! Thanks for the scoop on your trip. Now I want to check out the Tim Burton exhibit.

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