Metropolitan Museum of Art

14 01 2010

It usually takes a very special reason to get me into a museum. I am more of a wandering around a city until I get lost kinda gal. Or a hang out in the local pub in the countryside kinda gal. I love interactive activities when I travel, so when my husband was excited to check out the Art of the Samurai Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on our recent trip to New York City, I was skeptical to say the least.

After we checked our coats and got our (very extensive) map, we set out for the exhibit, which was on loan until January 10th from the Tokyo National Museum.  I must admit that it was a very cool exhibit for the sheer reason that multiple National Treasures were on display (a National Treasure is a “precious cultural property” deemed so by the government Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan).  Although I like to call myself a pacifist, I couldn’t help but admire the workmanship of each sword and weapon on display.

We moseyed through the museum, grabbed a bite at the cafeteria downstairs (it is hidden and discreet i.e. very hard to find), and then found some cool paintings. We don’t know anything about art. I know right away at a glance if I want to go take a closer look, and most paintings do not invite me to take a closer look.  Except for these:

Maude Adams (1872–1953) as Joan of Arc (Alphonse Marie Mucha)

Sunflowers (Vincent Van Gogh)

It took us 4 hours to see the Samurai exhibit and European paintings. We were worn out. We didn’t even get to see the musical instrument exhibit or the Asian art. Maybe we’ll pop back in during a future trip.




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