Leaps and Bounds

16 01 2010

This blog grew in leaps and bounds in 2009. January 2009 started with only two posts. Two posts in one month!  I had a lot to learn. Then came February. Oh man, February. Did I really only post once in February?  Sadly, I hadn’t learned yet what successful blogging really entailed.

March was the turning point. After our long-awaited trip to Japan in February, I was armed with photos, new food and drink, and material for 10 posts (still not very prolific, but definitely getting the hang of it), and the most popular post of 2009 was written: Tokyo Walking Tour: Shibuya and Harajuku. This is one of my favorite shots from that day:

April showers brought the beginning of Phillies season and events throughout the city, such as Sake Fest, and one of our first disastrous meals, which led to this scathing review.

May was fun. I was up to 15 posts of a wide variety and my summer project of finding the best breakfast sandwich in North Philly began. I was prolific in June: 23 posts! I was on fire! I got through July posting on camping tips and breakfast sandwiches and in August our trip to Los Angeles provided a plethora of material and one of the best meals we have ever had. Then it happened: I burnt out. At the end of August I made myself take a break due to extra work (that actually paid) and home improvements. It was a dark time in my life but I made it through to mid-September. The rest of the year wasn’t as busy with exploring or eating so the posts dwindled, but I got the hang of blogging and now I can pound out a post a day if I have the material.

My personal favorite post of 2009 was my review of Matyson, one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia.

2010 will bring a dinner at Talula’s Table and hopefully more local trips and new eateries around town. Also in store will be more posts on home cooking and inventive recipes.  Thanks for checking in.



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