22 03 2010

I love scones. They can be dry, moist, large, small, chocolate, lemon, fruity, whatever. I love them. My first scone-making of the year happened on Sunday before we went to a friend’s house for brunch. I can always count on my mom for having a few scone mixes stocked up in her cabinets:

Yes, I said mix. Sorry. My scones are not from scratch. They still taste good. I like Fisher’s because they taste authentic and you just have to add water.

Yes, I said “just add water.”  Whatever.

Another secret to perfect and easy scones is my scone pan:

This pan is such a life saver. Instead of molding each lump of dough into the perfect scone shape, I just press the dough into the scone pan and they pop right out easily after they bake.

The final secret to good scones, a step that my family often forgets, is to sprinkle the tops of the scones with sugar before putting them into the oven. I did not have any white sugar (what?! who am I?) in the house on Sunday so I experimented with half of them by using brown sugar instead. It was OK, but white sugar is much better.

Eat these bad boys warm with jam and clotted cream.




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