Recipe test: chicken sandwich

23 06 2010

This modified chicken sandwich recipe was quite a success. You may ask, “Why do you need a stinkin recipe to make a chicken sandwich?” Well, you don’t need one, but this one rocked.

Officially the grilled chicken, tomato and onion sandwich by Grace Parisi, Food & Wine’s Test Kitchen recipe developer, our version also used some leftover guacamole relish from fish tacos the night before.

The veggies can be made ahead of time and you could use anything to top the sandwich with.  I used the tomatoes and red onions in the recipe–cook them over medium heat until tender.  Then pound out some chicken breast and cook it in a pan on high heat. We used some basic rolls from the store, toasted first, and layered the guac, chicken, and veggies to our liking.  Delicious and versatile.