15 07 2010

We recently spent a couple of nights in Bethany Beach at Matt’s dad’s condo. The Delaware beaches are far superior to the Jersey Shore, and Bethany is right up our alley at this stage in our lives. Gone are the college days when I partied it up in Dewey Beach.  Bethany is known as “The Quiet Beach” or “The Family Beach.”

What it doesn’t have a whole lot of are restaurants. We ate at the condo for most of our meals but went out to dinner once to DiFebo’s, which got some pretty good reviews on yelp!

At 7:00 on a Monday night, the place was pretty quiet.  We sat in the small courtyard with a few other diners.

I ordered my Shirley Temple–probably the first one they’ve made in a long time. Sweet and fizzy.

The calamari was fair–I would have liked for it to be fried a tad bit longer.

Matt got the gnocchi caprese with chicken, which we both thought was delicious with some tasty gravy.

I chose one of the specials, and my brain is not allowing me to remember what it was called.  It consisted of butternut squash tortellini, chicken, artichokes, spinach, and tomatoes.   That was all lovely and flavorful.  The sauce was not.  It was actually pretty disgusting and reminded me of warm Italian dressing.  I would have preferred a cream sauce with this.

It was just a mess.  I tried to eat around the sauce as best I could.

Now I kind of remember why we usually don’t go out to eat Italian food–I can make it just fine at home.  DiFebo’s was pleasant and low-key but we’ll probably try the other couple of restaurants in Bethany before we go back.