Squash Parsnip Soup

21 11 2010

Matt made a delicious squash parsnip soup last night and it was super easy. He roasted up two parsnips, a small butternut squash, and an ambercup for about an hour at 350. In a small pot he sauteed some onion and added the veggies and vegetable stock. When the veggies were completely cooked and soft, he pureed everything with an immersion blender and the result was tasty, creamy, and comforting. I may have some for breakfast!


Organic truffles

13 11 2010

Just go get yourself some if these organic truffles at Whole Foods. You’ll thank me later.

Down Home Diner

11 11 2010

I had a business lunch today at the Down Home Diner in the Reading Terminal Market. Bacon blue cheese burger with a side of fries for $7.99. The burger itself was fine but nothing I would rave about. The roll was the best part–toasted, fresh, yum. The fries were cooked to perfection but I had to add salt. The service was good especially because there were 20 of us coming and going and creating confusion and havoc! As a local, I’d recommend Down Home Diner as a great place for a good lunch in an hour or less.

Green risotto

7 11 2010

Matt made this green risotto for dinner, inspired by a British cooking show on PBS. The risotto was cooked with sauteed onion and green pepper and mixed with a purée of spinach, peas, and basil. It’s topped with steamed asparagus and Parmegiano Reggiano cheese. Delicious!

Ommegang Adoration

6 11 2010

We love Ommegang and we love seasonal brews so of course we loved Ommegang’s Adoration, a dark ale with hints of molasses and caramel. Go out and get a few bottles to keep you warm during the winter!