29 01 2011

We were excited to discover that was finally delivering to Pennsylvania, a state overrun with ridiculous liquor laws.  Recently we took advantage of a free shipping deal at and ordered an entire case.

We found that the selection of wines is huge, although for the most part, only large-scale producers’ wines or collectibles are available.  (We couldn’t find any of our favorite Sonoma Pinot Noir producers, for example.)  There are also some good value brands available, such as the Cristalino Brut Cava priced at $7.99.  It wasn’t amazing but it was a solid deal for a pleasant bottle of bubbly.

We ordered a mixed case and it only took about a week for it to be delivered.  All of the wines arrived safely and came with handy bottle tags to keep track of the wines.  Already on the tags are the name, vintage, order date, price, and relevant ratings.  There is also space for you to write in any notes to help you remember whether or not you want to buy it again.

If you want to order from we recommend ordering during cooler months so that your wines don’t get scorched or frozen.  Also try to look out for free shipping deals because it could cut the cost of your order considerably.




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