Weavers Way Co-Op

12 02 2011

Finding fresh, organic produce in the middle of winter doesn’t have to be a challenge, although it may hit your wallet a little bit harder.

The Weavers Way Co-op in Chestnut Hill offers a small selection of produce compared to the rest of the sections in the store. With an impressive array of root vegetables (2 lb. rutabaga!) and whole fruits, it’s possible to stock up on some long-lasting items for the winter months.

The berry selection was small and a bit pricey, as was everything in the Co-op. Even pricier than Whole Foods.

I was in heaven with the huge array of yogurts! My favorite Brown Cow cream top brand was $1.04 each! It’s only $.89 in Whole Foods. Even if you are a member of the Co-op, which comes with a 5% discount, Brown Cow still would cost you $.99.

The deli section was fun–most meats were a bit too much for us but there were some local varieties for around $5.50/pound. The cheeses were already sliced and wrapped up in a refrigerated section. We chose some local ham and Asiago.

Although convenient and exceptionally clean and organized, the Weavers Way Co-op just is not worth returning to for us, based on the prices and certain selections they offer. We plan to visit a few more winter markets this year for some comparison shopping and we’ll let you know what we find.




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