Styers Cafe

27 02 2011

Go to Styers Cafe at Terrain for the ambience and the food, not for the service.

My family seems to gravitate to Styers even though, every time, we have to help the wait staff do their job. Granted, every time we’ve gone the place has been packed, but is it that difficult to bring cream to the table at the same time as (or soon after) the coffee?

Speaking of coffee:

Umm, I believe I ordered a large coffee!

Then we got two pots of warm, freshly baked bread with honey butter.  We begged for a third (hey, there were eight of us) and after some gentle cajoling, we got it.

I’m never disappointed with the breakfast selections. I cleaned my plate of buttermilk pancakes with vanilla cream and a side of applewood bacon.

Matt said that his short rib and gruyere sandwich was good, but not great.

He loved his tasty mac and cheese, although there were differing opinions here.  Matt enjoyed the lighter cheesy and non-greasy consistency but Chad called it soupy.  I didn’t taste it but it looked perfect.

Apple cranberry pie. Hardly any cran but didn’t even miss it.  The apples were tart and perfectly al dente while the crust was flaky and light but slightly dense towards the center, just the way I like it.  The server brought this instead of the pecan pie we ordered but I didn’t really care after I took a bite.

Anabel was having a meltdown when the pecan pie finally arrived so I only got one bite.  It was alright.  I wish we had gotten it when we were supposed to.

If you were keeping score, the food earned a 5/7 but the service earned a 1/3. The ambience always gets a score of 100%.  Just check out my photos from a previous visit. The food is juuuuust good enough to out-weigh the service but I really wish they’d get their act together enough for the entire experience to always be enjoyable.




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